Nikita Extracts are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of essential oils, spice oils, oleo resin, natural color and herbal extracts. We are providing CO2 Products, Solvent Extracted Products and Dry Herbal Extracts.
Turmeric Oil
Frankincense Oil
Licorice Extract
Boswellic Extracts
Ginger Oil
Cumin Oil
Cardamom Oil
Organic Essential Oils
Palmarosa Oil
Basil Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
CO2 Products
Capsicum Oleo Resin
Ghost Chili Oleo Resin
Paprika Oleo Resin
Curcumin 95%
Ginger Oleo Resin
Cumin Oleo Resin
Turmeric Oleoresin
Neem Leaf Extract
Natural Food Colors
Fenugreek Extract
Annatto Color
Harade Extracts
New Items
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